I am a Native El Pasoan with a degree in Accounting and minor in Real Estate, a Member of the Board of Realtors for the Greater El Paso Association of Realtors and a Life-Long resident with deep ties in the community. Over the course of the last 18 years, the natural progression of both fields has lead to owning my own company. Achieving that goal and opening Golden Real Estate was an extremely important event to me, as it gave me the freedom to adapt to each of my clients needs and situations. That flexibility, coupled with my passion for helping people and my compassion that I show in each home buying or selling process.  My many years of experience and active involvement in Real Estate has lead to my success and endless list of people who came into my life as a client and have remained my life long friends.

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I was born in Socorro, New Mexico and love the state in which I grew up. Growing up I learned many things about hard work and being dedicated to the people I worked for to help them be successful and in return was to help me be successful. I learned that helping people was the most rewarding job I could do.

I graduated from New Mexico State University with degrees in Economics, Business and Marketing. I felt that these degrees would best allow me to help the most number of people and families.


Then I moved to our great sun city of El Paso, Texas in 2003 and i was able to find a terrific job in banking as a Credit Analyst. The company gave me many opportunities to shine and move up to become one of the youngest market Presidents ever in the company. This was due to making myself available to the bank in moving to new cities or working extra anytime to complete the job that was needed to be done.

My love for Real Estate and investing has been a long time in the making having bought my first home to flip more than 15 years ago, after that my passion  for Real Estate grew into building and construction of new homes and investing in both commercial and residential properties.

My history has prepared me to be a great Realtor for my clients and to help them accomplish the greatest feeling in the world either buying a new home or selling the one they currently have , to allow them to move forward with the next chapter and adventure life has to offer.

My name is Daniel Gerard and "I am the most interesting REAL ESTATE AGENT in the world". 

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I am a life-long El Paso resident and retired school teacher with vast experience in new home construction and remodeling. Let my experience work for you!!

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I am an El Paso native currently attending the University of Texas at El Paso and in the process of achieving a degree in accounting. I work side by side with my twin sister, Samantha, to help our clients though the process of buying and selling real estate. I care about our clients and strive to provide you with optimum information and resources though out every step of the process. When working with us you will see that heads really are better than one! Having been born and raised in this great city, I've experienced first-hand what a dynamic place this place is to live. I became a REALTOR to help people achieve the American dream of owning a home. It would be my privilege to help you find your perfect dream home.


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I was born and raised in El Paso. I lover it here and everything the city has to offer. Currently I'm working on my degree in accounting at UTEP. I grew up in a large family with two brother and two sisters. I've never been alone because I have a twin!
At the age of 16 we landed our first  job together and decided that we are awesome working as a team!

We found that we had a passion to help people and became REALTORs to fulfill our dream in doing business. We know that buying, selling and renting a home can be overwhelming and our goal is to work hard and use our knowledge to find what you are looking for.
In today's world everything is technology based and we have the tools and capability and willingness to work it! We will work diligently to help you find your Dream Home!

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Dear prospective client,

Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to introduce the Real Estate services offered by Golden Real Estate.


I pride myself in representing Buyers and Sellers throughout the El Paso County and surrounding areas efficiently and respectfully.


I have a passion for assisting my client with their real estate needs. I am fluent in English and Spanish and have excellent communication and negotiating skills.


I will strive to give you the best customer service in the Real Estate profession.

Your business decision to engage my services to meet your time and sensitive needs place an honor and great responsibility in my performance. I am ready and able.


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I am a 3rd generation Realtor in the El Paso area with a great passion for the real estate industry. El Paso has always been my home, providing me with the quality and respect I flourish everyday. Growing up, real estate was spoken at the dinner table every night. I was probably the only 6 year old who wanted a briefcase for Christmas. I am young with a rich and humble attitude. I am a Volkswagen enthusiast with many different hobbies, but only one profession. Over the years of real estate education and as a child tagging along with grandpa on Sundays, I have obtained a great source of knowledge how to assist people and understand that to be in a home of your own means to be happy! I believe I have been sent here to help others, whether it be changing a strangers tire, to finding a family a home with comfort and pride in their purchase. 


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I became a realtor because I love homes, I love El Paso, and I love helping people reach their goals. I care about my clients and strive to have a relationship based on trust, confidence and understanding. I appreciate being a part of such an important time in someone's life. In my opinion, buying a house should be fun, and selling a house should be a time to look forward to another chapter in life. It's important for me to make the process as enjoyable as possible. A hobby I enjoy is running half marathons and have learned a lot about El Paso by running through different neighborhood. Real Estate is a big part of my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. Please Contact me, I can't wait to work with you!


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Originally from San Antonio I attended nursing school in El Paso and have been here ever since. My interest in the realty business started when shortly after his residency my husband began buying investment properties. He convinced me to become a Realtor and began referring physicians as clients. Given my background in nursing and my husband as a physician I was hired by a local hospital to provide real estate services to recruited physicians. I quickly became adept at recognizing the real estate needs of this profession. I am also proud to provide services to anyone looking to list or buy a home or a business property. I have listed for and have represented buyers throughout the El Paso area and have even facilitated sales throughout Texas. I love animals and volunteer at the Humane Society. Please adopt a pet. I also helped my daughters in organizing "SISTERHOODIES". They collect coats, sweater, hoodies, and jackets for the community of El Paso all year round. Please donate a gently used article of clothing. Look us up on Facebook or

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Alexander Carrasco is passionate about teaching first-time home sellers and buyers. He works alongside his invention, stuffed animal reporter Casito™, to bring humorous yet educational videos. Visit them online at
Alexander has worked in a maximum security prison in the past as a detention officer. He understands his fiduciary responsibility to care for others as he would have them care for him. He also believes that the home selling and buying process is stressful enough, and that a smile is needed every now and then. He has worked in enough strenuous circumstances to know. Visit him online!


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I enjoy helping people of all ages. In addition to being a Realtor, I am also molding the minds of students as a middle school educator. I love working with aspiring homeowners, and I love making dreams come true. I am hard working, honest and reliable. I will help you find the perfect home. I will work hard for you, listen to you, and my word is as strong as the work you will see me put forth for you. I look forward to helping you!













I am a bilingual, dedicated El Paso native with a passion in helping people. With vast experience in community work, interior design and relational skills. My inspiration is fulfilling others dreams through the buying of a new home, investing in properties or staging for a swift sale. I have over 8 years of experience serving home buyers, investors and some commercial skills as well, however my ATTITUDE of service is what I have best to offer!

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Rosemary De La Rosa was born and raised in the great city of El Paso. She is a New Mexico State University graduate with a degree in business and marketing. Rosemary has many years of customer service experience and values honesty and has a strong work ethic. Her commitment and trustworthy personality has earned her former customers respect and loyalty. She is a mother, wife, and has a passion for helping people achieve the American dream.